Dear Trial Tester!

This is the international landing page of the Lingobee application. If you join us and like to try how we can learn hungarian language using this app, you are on the right place. You will find all the instructions here, but if you have any questions about this trial, do not hesitate to ask it.

So, What is Lingobee about?

EU project SiMoLa is developing the LingoBee mobile app, which aims to be a useful tool mainly for EU mobility students to support language learning. The main functions of the application are based in well-known social network activities, practically these functions create the informal learning environment, in which the users can learn the language through comments, shares and rates.

This way shows how useful should be to collect words during a walk (for example), annotate it, or rate each others definitions. You will also have a mentor in your hungarian usergroup to help you understand your words, correct or flag them.

There will be tasks during the trials, which try to keep you on the track, and help you to achieve some requirements of your faculty courses too.

So, if you are interested in this in-situ mobile language learning process, follow the steps below, and start to use the app collecting some hungarian words sorrounding you…

1. Sign Up

Send an email address to help us communicate with you.

2. Download the App

(This is just for Android at the moment) You need to check Settings/Applications/Unknown sources:

or follow this URL:

3. Join “Magyar (általános)” user group

4. Add a word to this group…

See you in Lingobee,